about me.

Since this is an about me page not a resume I won't be describing my proficiency in programming or lack of it (since the more I learn the less I know). I am always looking for ways to improve myself such as reading or exercising, which I believe are equally important. Strength training helps me clear my mind and reestablish my goals. I enjoy the freedom that programming gives me, the act of creation related to finishing a project is one of the things I like the most about it. In my life I'm always searching for new opportunities to boost my efficiency, such as for example changing from PyCharm/IntelliJ to vim or from Windows to Linux.

I am a continuous learner. Learning for me equates to exploring new ideas and growing as an individual. I cannot imagine spending a day doing nothing, and I'm doing my best to avoid doing so. I love discussing various topics especially with people more knowledgable than me, since that's a great oportunity to learn.